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Our specialities

Diagnostics and therapy
Learn more about our most frequent surgeries, tests and care methods here.
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Outpatient surgeries

We conduct minor and small surgical operations such as arthroscopy or removal of implants in our practice. These surgeries are done under local anaesthesia and generally, you can return home shortly thereafter.

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Inpatient surgeries

Our specialists can conduct surgical operations even when a surgical intervention is usually required in the hospital. Thanks to our cooperation with the hospitals in the region, we help our patients with operations including hospitalisation and we would continue post-operative aftercare in our practice.

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Modern technologies for tests and diagnostics are available in Herzomed consulting rooms.

Outpatient surgeries

At our Medical Care Centre, we conduct many types of surgeries as outpatient surgeries without hospitalisation. And you can return home after the surgery. Your specialist will discuss possibilities of outpatient surgical interventions with you.

Inpatient surgeries

Major and complex surgeries may require hospitalization. Even here we provide complete support: thanks to our cooperation with the hospitals in the metropolitan region, your Herzomed specialist can conduct surgical operation in the partner hospital. Thus, you will receive diagnostics, therapy and aftercare from a single provider.

General surgery

We carry out many types of surgeries. Some of our most frequent surgeries are listed here.

Foot surgery

Our feet are exposed to a heavy load in our daily life - as a result any limitation - whether it is caused by injuries or dislocation - can be noticeably painful. We conduct surgical fracture treatment, joint surgery and reconstruction of the foot arch - these are conducted either as outpatient procedures or with hospitalisation in one of our partner hospitals.

Orthopaedic and trauma surgery

The main focus of our therapy spectrum is on surgical procedures and treatment of injuries or diseases of the locomotor system. As approved accident insurance doctors, we also provide treatments for work, school and commuting accidents.

Individual medical services

We also offer various additional services for our patients that are not provided by the statutory insurance providers. Please visit our practice to know more.