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Herzomed doctors

We are your specialists.

Thanks to our diverse team of doctors with different specialisations, we can offer you a customised diagnostics and treatment.


Dr. med. Susanne Esper

Specialist for orthopaedic and trauma surgery
Chiropractor, sports medicine and
physical therapy


Dr. med. Klaus Grimm

Specialist for surgery and trauma surgery
Accident insurance doctor of the trade associations


Dr. med. Christian Reinhold

Specialist for orthopaedics


Dr. med. Regina Hingler

Specialist for surgery


Björn Rösing

Specialist for trauma surgery and orthopaedics
Accident insurance doctor of the trade associations


Dr. med. Jochen Adam

Specialist for surgery and trauma surgery
Accident insurance doctor of the trade associations

That covers our core competencies in the team.

Our team of medical specialists is ready to help you with all your questions and concerns.
We support you from the reception to tests and treatment until further referral to rehabilitation and physiotherapy.


We welcome you to our practice and help you with orientation.


When it comes to the planning of your treatment appointments, we are contactable - at our premises, online or by telephone.

Medical examination assistance

We are here to help you with your medical examinations and treatment, and we would be glad to explain about our methods in detail.

Emergency care

You are welcome to come to our practice in case of emergencies! We will provide medical care even without an appointment.


Whether it is related to sports medicine treatment, surgical intervention or rehabilitation: we are here to help you and answer your questions.


We help you in our practice even after a surgery: for example, we take over wound management after a surgery and assist you with your aftercare.