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Dr. med. Jochen Adam

Dr Jochen Adam

Herzomed Dr Jochen Adam
  • Speciality

  • Specialist for surgery and trauma surgery
  • Accident insurance doctor of trade associations

Specialities and focus areas

Outpatient patient surgical spectrum
Arthroscopic knee joint surgeries
e.g. for torn meniscus, cartilage smoothing and other joint preserving surgeries
Osteosynthesis and plating
of wrist and ankle joints, implant removals
Surgery on body areas
lipoma, atheroma, moles, skin tumours, abscesses, Emmert surgery for ingrown toenails
Conservative spectrum
Treatment for all types of accidents
including work, school and sports accidents
Treatment of
fresh and chronic wounds
Diagnostics and conservative treatment
of fractures, dislocations, hand injuries and degenerative joint diseases
Modern wound management
Association of German Surgeons
German Association for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery
Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery
1997 - 2003
Medical studies
University hospital Erlangen
2003 – 2007
Residency in trauma surgery
Dr. Erler hospitals, Nürnberg
2007 – 2011
Residency in surgery
Martha-Maria hospital, Nürnberg
Specialist for surgery
2011 – 2013
Residency in trauma surgery
Forchheim hospital
2013 – 2014
Residency in trauma surgery
Nürnberg South hospital
Specialist for trauma surgery
2014 - 2017
Senior physician trauma surgery
Forchheim hospital
since 2017
Resident surgeon and trauma surgeon at HERZOMED