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Herzomed Orthopädie
Herzomed Herzogenaurach Orthopädie
Welcome to HERZOMED
Herzomed Orthopädie
We are your practice for
orthopedics | surgery | trauma surgery
in Herzogenaurach
Herzomed  orthopedics Herzogenaurach
"I am looking for a specialist in orthopedics."
We are specialized in the field of orthopedic medicine and surgical procedures.
Herzomed orthopadic practic Herzogenaurach
"We are specialized in the field of orthopedic medicine and surgical procedures."
Our specialists in sports orthopedics look after you from diagnosis to rehab and back to training.
Herzomed orthopadics Herzogenaurach
"I suffered my injury on the way to work. What do I have to consider? "
Our D-doctors take care of you:
We treat you in case of work or commuting accidents.
Herzomed orthopadics Herzogenaurach
"Who can I turn to in acute emergencies?"
We handle emergencies in the MVZ without an appointment. If possible, we ask for a short call in advance!

Welcome to Herzomed
We are your practice for orthopaedics, surgery and trauma surgery in Herzogenaurach.

The Herzomed team offers you many specializations in orthopaedic medicine and surgical interventions
—You are in good hands with us.

Diagnostics and therapy

You have access to multiple diagnostics and therapy options in our medical care centre
with its state-of-the-art equipment.

Inpatient treatment

We assist you even in the event of inpatient treatment: Thanks to our collaboration with the hospitals in the metropolitan region, we can perform surgeries that usually require hospitalisation..

Herzomed Zertifizierung

Sports injuries

Do you play sports regularly and would like to restart with your training as soon as possible?

Our specialists for sports medicine will support you right from the diagnostics stage through rehabilitation until your return to sports.

Emergency treatment

Have you injured yourself and need the help of an orthopaedic or trauma surgeon? Are you suffering from acute symptoms?

A member from our team of doctors is available to provide instant assistance in case of emergencies. If possible please call us before you visit and let us know so that we can quickly plan your treatment and help you.

Emergency number 09132- 78 03 0

Accident insurance doctor practice

An accident insurance doctor is a specialist in trauma surgery, who has received the special licence from the German Statutory Accident Insurance Association to treat work, school and commuting accidents.

We can treat you at our centre if you have suffered injuries at your workplace, school or on your way to work!

herzomed praxis

Herzomed practice

Whatever your interests related to health - whether it is illness, consultation or preventive care - our medical care centre in Herzogenaurach offers the best possible medical care in various specialities.

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